Terms of Use

This Acceptable Use Policy describes the do’s and don’ts when using our service. It describes what we consider non-acceptable use of our service and the steps we take in case of such an event. SnelNL reserves the right to at its own discretion and without any prior notice and without any reason terminate your account without any reimbursement or refund of money (pre-)paid for its service.

By signing up (for a trial) and/or using your SnelNL account, you agree to abide by this policy and to keep updated on changes, since this policy may change in the future. This Acceptable Use Policy is part of the Terms of Service that apply to your SnelNL account.

All SnelNL accounts are for personal use only, it is not allowed to use our service for reselling, proxying or any other purpose then personal use. The SnelNL unlimited accounts are based on fair use. If an user’s behavior is not within our fair use guidelines, SnelNL may suspend, cancel or terminate that users account.

It is not allowed to post spam, copyrighted material or any other offensive material through our service.